To the matter of national security as it pertains to energy independence. The United States is already lumbering under record trade deficits and importing foreign fuel such as LNG for electrical power generation will only contribute to this deficit, further our dependence and expand our national debt. Terrorists would not have to blow up an LNG terminal to attack the United States. LNG exporting nations such as Iran would only have to withhold shipment.

The resulting havoc and chaos when electricity demand couldn’t be met would make a mockery of our national security. The United States has a lot of experience in this very tactic. A US corporation shut down its power plant in the Dominican Republican to force the government to pay its debt to them and in 1998 another US corporation shut down its production in Canada until it could negotiate higher rates. Importing foreign fuel like LNG is worse than a bridge to nowhere it is a bridge to Armageddon.

Energy fuels US foreign policy and our sons and daughters are fighting and dying in Iraq for energy that can be had right here. My own son is permanently disabled after two tours fighting for energy. It is time for an energy revolution. We have the ability to pull off a power generation coup right here in Oregon with community owned, wide scale renewable distributed energy.

These concepts are not dreams they have and are being accomplished in Europe right now. We can wrest control of our energy needs back into the hands of the people and sweep energy independence from Salem across the nation to the US Congress. We can bring our kids home and put them to work manufacturing and building energy independence – REAL national security.