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Wind turbines


Ice storms and rolling blackouts illuminate the need for decentralized energy distribution

Ice storms and rolling blackouts illuminate the need for decentralized energy distribution

The argument of cost efficiency in a central system is lost when factoring in the losses associated with long distance transmission, a million dollar a mile price tag for high voltage transmission lines

Tax credits or feed in tariffs? Renewable energy doesn't have to be so expensive

Part of the driving force toward implementation of renewable energy is state and federal incentives. It may be these very incentives are actually adding costs and impairing the broader goal of reducing carbon emissions. The cash grant program is set to sunset at the end of this year, but solar and wind energy advocates are […]

Thinking small on wind is paying off for poor communities

Rural communities around the world are recognizing the benefits of generating electricity locally. Even big cities are getting into the act. An article in The Times on Wednesday centers on Tocco da Casauria, a small, traditional town in Italy whose four wind turbines, installed over the past four years, produce 30 percent more energy than […]

As China chokes back on rare earth exports what happens to Electric Vehicles?

As mention on this blog before, 98% of all rare earths, many of which are deemed critical to the energy, defense and electric vehicle industries, are controlled by China. This leaves those countries and companies outside of China vulnerable to trade restrictions. Recently, over diplomatic tensions, China cut off supply to Japan a leading manufacturer […]

Making the case for rooftop wind turbines

If an aerodynamically correct ducted fan wind turbine is located in these velocity-accelerated flows electric power production is higher than for remote open fans associated with an electric grid. The TOTAL system efficiency, from both an integrated construction and instant point power delivery perspective is the highest possible.

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