Yesterday, I spoke with Jody McCaffree to get her reaction to the name calling editorial in The World. McCaffree was just as appalled as I was the editor sank to ‘kindergarten’ behavior and hastened to point out that she went to

…San Francisco to attend the Inter Solar North America Exhibition and Conference – July 14 -16th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco ( While there I also connected with contacts I have in the San Francisco area who set up several meetings that I was able to attend and also several events that I was scheduled to speak at while I was there. I had e-mailed Katherine Hoppe, the local Director of Promotions and Conventions in Coos Bay before I had left to see if she might have any photos or info I could take with me as I was wanting to promote our area while I was there. I did not receive a response from her but took local photos that I had and made a promotional slide on my own of our area which I used in my presentation. I also took some brochures of our area that were given to me by the lady who we purchased our business insurance through. I was told after the meeting by several attendees that I should get paid for promoting our area because every single person in the room was ready to come to our town and have an adventure when I was done.

What has Clark Walworth done to promote Coos County lately? For that matter what has SCDC done? Or the Chamber? Jody McCaffree doesn’t get paid to promote Coos County, McCaffree doesn’t get paid for any of the work she does, she just cares about her lifelong home. Further, after the original article regarding a resolution in San Francisco not to accept LNG from Coos County, the reporter called her back asking how she had traveled to SF! The reporter said his editor wanted to know!

Finally, McCaffree calls into question the claim in the editorial of ‘factual errors’

I would like to know what about the Resolution the World considers “Factual Flaws” ? I would be happy to point to the documentation that supports every statement made. I find it rather odd that the World used the FERC FEIS to try and discredit the document but obviously have never read the FEIS document. Perhaps the factual flaws are theirs alone. One does have to read you know.

Properly written editorials do cite supporting data when making claims that are not opinion. The World violates this tenet again and again. Real journalists take pride in informing their readers not deceiving them. Shame on The World!

Come on Coos County, start demanding excellence from our media, stop accepting the drivel they deliver.