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Category: Coquille

Social Media Trouble at Coquille City Hall

What consenting adults do on their own time is their business but when it crosses over into the workplace, especially when that workplace is Coquille City Hall, it may be problematic. More than that it may indicate a systemic carelessness and disregard on the part of the city’s supervisory staff, including the police chief, Scott Sanders.

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Cold hearted city

Forrest Neurburg announced he is evicting the Bear Cupboard Food Pantry from city owned Jefferson School effective January 15.  He said, “I didn’t want to kick the Food Bank out during the holidays.”

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Coquille’s worst caught on camera

A few years back I was in the Coquille City Municipal Court on Central Avenue to defend myself, once again, from a citation resulting from yet another complaint lodged by a neighbor by the name of Thomas Konomos (TK). This...

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