Coos County now has a Trump worshipping, climate denying, election denying, anti-vaxxer, anti-democracy insurrectionist, conspiracy theorist and religious nationalist on the commission. Rod Taylor does not represent the values of a free and diverse multiracial, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and egalitarian and pluralistic democracy.

Taylor is not a lone voice of far-right extremism on the board as Commissioner Bob Main shares many of Taylor’s views and provided Taylor’s clan, CRL (Citizens Restoring Liberty) with campaign advice. Main became the board chair at the January 3, 2023, meeting and allowed the CRL attendees almost unlimited opportunities to voice their opinions throughout public comment and on the agenda making it almost impossible to get any actual business completed.

At a recent work session, Main catered to the CRL audience by criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement as “racist.” This page will focus on the lies of Rod Taylor but Bob Main has also used his platform as a commissioner to make many false statements or misrepresentations of the truth.

Rod Taylor lies about federal income tax

During a town hall meeting in Lakeside, witnesses claim that Taylor said he didn’t think people should be paying income tax.


Email exchange with Taylor asking for clarification

            My understanding is that during the Lakeside Town Hall meeting you discouraged people from paying income tax. Would you please explain your philosophy on this topic.
Thank you, 
Mary Geddry

Hello Mary,

Your information is not correct, I did not discourage people from paying income tax.

What I did say is that I believe the income tax is illegal theft of income from our labor. This is based on the belief that the 16th Amendment was not properly ratified. 

At your service,

Rod Taylor

Coos County Commissioner

(541) 396-7539

Thank you, Rod, for replying. 

The Sixteenth Amendment was ratified by forty states, including Ohio, and issued by proclamation in 1913. Shortly thereafter, two other states also ratified the Amendment. Under Article V of the Constitution, only three-fourths of the states are needed to ratify an Amendment. There were enough states ratifying the Sixteenth Amendment even without Ohio to complete the number needed for ratification. Furthermore, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the income tax laws enacted subsequent to ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment in Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R., 240 U.S. 1 (1916). Since that time, the courts have consistently upheld the constitutionality of the federal income tax.

As a commissioner do you not agree that you have a duty and moral responsibility to provide accurate information to the people of Coos County? 

The obvious second question is, based upon your belief, false or otherwise, do you file federal and state income tax returns and do you pay your appropriate income taxes?

Mary Geddry



My understanding is that during the Lakeside Town Hall meeting you discouraged people from paying income tax. Would you please explain your philosophy on this topic.

Thank you,

Mary Geddry


As stated in my email to Rod the obvious question is whether Rod files correct and true tax returns and pays income tax.

My last email with Rod on the subject:

Since you have chosen not to answer the questions raised in the attached email, I am going to speculate the answer to whether you report, file and pay your income tax is probably no.  Given your influence over the county budgets, including money derived from state and federal grants which in turn are derived from income taxes, the public has a right to know if you pay your fair share…

My guess is Rod Taylor does not pay his fair share.

Rod Taylor lies about federal land ownership

Taylor repeatedly claimed throughout his campaign that the federal government cannot own land outside a ten mile circumferance around Washington, DC. He has been made aware this is provably false but to date we are unaware that he has made any effort to correct his statement to the public or his followers.

Counter to Taylor’s false claim about federal land ownership by David Jennings

Federal Land and Junk Law

Rod Taylor lied about entering the US Capitol

When The Oregonian revealed that Taylor was arrested for a curfew violation in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021, he admitted to trespassing on the Capitol steps but told the paper he never stepped foot inside the building. Later on a local radio program he admits to entering the building. Both can’t be true?

Additionally, he tried to blame the violence that day on antifa agitators, a claim the paper reports has been thoroughly debunked.

As reported by The Oregonian, Trump supporter arrested in Washington, DC on January 6th, 2021.

It was Taylor’s third trip to the nation’s capital in eight weeks, he told The Oregonian/OregonLive in a phone call from D.C. Thursday. Taylor said he traveled to D.C. “for the preservation of the republic” and because he is “gravely concerned” about the United States becoming a communist country…

Taylor told KGW he ascended the Capitol stairs but didn’t enter the building.

Rod Taylor repeated told lies about his opponent, Melissa Cribbins

In a flyer produced and mailed by Taylor’s campaign falsely claimed Cribbins was a “WEF Globalist Convention Attendee.”

In the same flyer, Taylor falsely claimed “Under Melissa’s Reign:  County sued for $1.5 million due to polluted water.”

Again in the flyer, Taylor falsely claimed that Cribbins is “an active tribal lobbyist.”

In a voter’s pamphlet statement Taylor falsely claimed the “appointment of the former Democrat party chair as our County Clerk on yet another 2-1 County Commission vote, or 3,700 missing adjudicated ballots from Nov. 3, 2020 then join me.”  In fact, the appointment of the uniquely qualified Dede Murphy was a unanimous vote by all three commissioners, including Bob Main. (Bob Main was left out of a lawsuit filed by CRL clan members over the primary election).

Cribbins explained she has never been involved with or attended any such organization event.

Again, no such suit exists.


Rod Taylor lied that he can fund county services without state or federal grants

Unable to explain how he plans to make up for the $130 million shortfall his irrational fear of state and federal program funding he instead sent an email bragging about his sexual prowess. You decide if he is telling the truth about funding the county or his virility.

Creepy Email from Rod Taylor

Hello Mary, great to hear from you again. You might consider emailing my wife on the question of my fitness; we enjoy madly passionate lovemaking with regularity – some days, several times. She insists that I am indeed fit to serve. Have a great afternoon, and let me know if you want me to put you in touch!

All God’s richest blessings on you,

Rod Taylor

Taylor lied about the cause of NFL player Damar Hamlin’s collapse

Not even 24 hours after the collapse of Damar Hamlin in a Monday Night Football game Taylor attributed his cardiac arrest to the COVID vaccine. Even the medical professionals caring for Hamlin hadn’t had time to determine the cause of Hamlin’s heart failure but that didn’t stop Taylor from exploiting Hamlin to suit his own anti vax agenda.

Medical professionals believe Hamlin’s collapse was due to a blunt force strike to his heart disrupting the electrical signal, also known as commotio cordis.