On my way back from Salem I stopped off at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene to see Carl Foster. His medical condition remains unchanged he has occupational and physical therapy everyday and therapy to help him speak and communicate. Foster will never be able to speak without a tracheal adaptor but there are charts behind his bed indicating the methods they are using to help him communicate. Also, present was Foster’s only surviving brother Terry Foster, a retired drug and alcohol counselor and his daughter Kaycee Faught.

Faught recently learned that while she has been away caring for her father, her home in Yakima, Washington was burglarized and she has lost almost everything. She regarded this as small doings compared to what she is going through with her father and his injuries.

Faught’s attorneys have advised her that the grand jury will probably not determine any fault on the part of the officers but that there are many avenues to pursue for both criminal and civil prosecution of the officers and the city in this affair. Information has been trickling in to her attorneys.

We joked about audio books with Carl and whether he like mysteries or romance or westerns. It was nice to see him smile

Dian has set up a donation fund at US Bank and Kaycee as a single mother can certainly use any help people can spare during this time.