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Author: magix

Orange is the new red.

Every self respecting democracy loving American should make it a point to attend these meetings, first and third Tuesdays in Coquille, and I would suggest wearing an orange tie to support the former president doing his time in Riker’s Island or at the very least on house arrest with an ankle monitor.

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Shocking Email Raises Questions About Rod Taylor’s Cognition

Peviously we’ve explored whether the commissioner is studiously obtuse but Taylor’s continued allegiance can only be attributed to a serious cognitive decline or more likely a deeply dishonest character. After all, Taylor is an admitted January 6 insurrectionist which makes him a guntoting traitor to his country.

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Slippery Bob Caught In Lie on Social Media

…it’s no secret Main and I don’t agree on much of anything and I especially find his simpering and pandering to the MAGA extremist crowd and how he uses his platform as a county commissioner to bash liberal perspectives to be both divisive and offensive.

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Signs Against “Safety” Levy Popping Up

Sheriff Gabe Fabrizio, along with District Attorney Paul Fraxier and Coos County Commissioner John Sweet have been urging city councils, civic groups, political organizations and more to support the levy. All this while Fabrizio completely ignores charges of gender bias that allowed an accused rapist, Jason Snelgrove, to escape without even an interrogation.

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