There are some comments over at concerned citizens, apparently from members of the Coquille PD. The tenor of each of these comments reflects precisely the cause of this civil uprising. Take this quote from ‘star man’

You People are acting just like we would expect from a bunch of Idiots. See yoy in court and on the road buddies.When I write a ticket to one of you it makes my day. COME ON MAKE MY DAY! (AND NIGHT). I’m pround to help you spend your money.

This is the mentality of our police department. This man isn’t a policeman to ‘protect and serve’ he is a policeman to dole out punitive punishment to people he chooses to perceive as ‘idiots’. This man wants to infict pain and suffering, he gets off on it, it makes his day and night.

Selective prosecution, harassment, malfeasance and misfeasance, denying equal protection are federal crimes. These are not petty traffic violations these are federal crimes punishable by imprisonment.

Concerned citizens and parents want our police department held to the same high standards as every citizen of the city. Since we pay the salary of the police department with our tax dollars this is a reasonable expectation and anything less is a breach of the public trust. We want to know that if our children are cited by an officer of the Coquille PD that our children will have respect for that officer and not contempt because of the obvious double standard.

This is the motto at the city website –

To serve the citizens of Coquille by providing quality services in a timely manner, to protect persons and property, and to be the best neighbor and caretaker possible.

We would like the police department to read this everyday. The police are here to protect and serve, they are supposed to protect those that cannot protect themselves. Somehow, this police department has morphed into some mini Gestapo and we want what we pay for, a real police department.