There is a very insightful and thoughtful post up at Dian’s blog from a read who contacted her regarding the grand jury findings. In particular I want to call attention to the obvious issue of what information was actually presented to the grand jury by the DA.

It was once said that a prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich at a grand jury if they wanted to. The meaning is that because the prosecutor controls which witnesses appear, which “experts” appear and there is no provision for the defense or even counter arguments to be presented, that the proceeding is skewed in favor of the DA’s case to charge (or not to charge.)

So the question becomes, did the DA handle this grand jury properly? Well, perhaps no one outside of the proceedings will know that for sure.

This goes beyond the Carl Foster case because the lack of trust in the police department and the law enforcement community as a whole is born of repeated events like this one. Justice is not blind and will not be unless the community stops choosing sides and works together toward transparency and rebuilding trust. No one believes Foster resisted arrest. No one believes an impartial investigation took place. No one has faith that Frasier seriously wanted to get to the bottom of what happened.