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Tag: Sandy Messerle

SCDC failures due to culture of division

SCDC will always be a failure and waste public dollars as long as it retains its current management. If it is ever to be effective it needs new professional and progressive leaders capable of a taking a broader view, (remember the SDAT report…), and who are willing to reach out to the wider brain trust embodied in that 58% rather than trying to pretend the “true majority” don’t exist.

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Jordan Cove Site Tour and Open House

According to Bob Braddock the marine slip is not big enough to house two ships and Jordan Cove has to control the entire slip. We already know this due to the Coast Guard ruling and issues with the Jordan Cove facility hazard exclusion zones, but I don’t know if the Port really has a clue after looking at the Tuesday, March 26th, World headline story and rendition drawing:

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Reimagining Coos County economic development, a Holiday wish

Imagination is defined as “the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality.” What if we imagined a South Coast without the Port Commission and SCDC, would any of us really notice much? After all, both seem firmly entrenched in perpetuating finite 19th century industries with no place in the future. Would we actually notice if they both just went away? Economic development in Coos County is only constrained by a failure of imagination.

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