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Author: magix

Is Rod Taylor Studiously Obtuse?

…the unapologetic Taylor dares to propose that the county clerk should be under the thumb of the county commission rather than answerable to the voters. In no way should the studiously obtuse traitorous commissioner or his fellow election denier, Bob Main, have any sway over our elections.

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State Senator exposes Rob Taylor lies

it is great news to decent people everywhere that the show has been canceled but there are no heroes in this story because all those named above enabled or participated in the crass, cruel, and unprofessional conduct exercised on that show by that host and his guests every Monday afternoon for way too long. Taylor promises to start a podcast by January 1 assuring his followers that he will not be silenced.

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Victims not a priority with Coos County DA

Despite having ample evidence and in a move that is expedient for them and an obvious gift to the perpetrator but clear statement that the victim is not important reduced the charge to a violation. Yes, I can get restitution but am unable to obtain a no-contact order

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