Signs opposing Measure 6-213, the so-called “safety” levy are popping up all over Coos County. The measure seeks to raise property taxes for the next five years to fund additional jail staff to add more beds as well as to add two more deputy district attorneys to help clear a 1400 case backlog.

Sheriff Gabe Fabrizio, along with District Attorney Paul Frasier and Coos County Commissioner John Sweet have been urging city councils, civic groups, political organizations and more to support the levy. All this while Fabrizio completely ignores charges of gender bias that allowed an accused rapist, Jason Snelgrove, to escape without even an interrogation.

Snelgrove’s alleged victim, Valarie Smith has been left unprotected and unable to achieve justice or closure adding to her emotional distress. Not to mention a possible rapist is still roaming the streets. No one should feel safe knowing agency policies allow this sort of injustice to prevail in Coos County.


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