After playing his little game of dodge and weave when asked a simple question on May 7, about why he declined to attend the League of Women Voters candidate forum, the incumbent commissioner claimed, “…The conversations with Rob Taylor and the LOWV’s was a private conversation and I do not feel comfortable sharing the conversations without approval from both.” Turns out Bob Main had already explained his absence in a comment Bob Main FB commenthe posted on his Facebook page on April 27th.

Now it’s no secret Main and I don’t agree on much of anything and I especially find his simpering and pandering to the MAGA extremist crowd and how he uses his platform as a county commissioner to bash liberal perspectives to be both divisive and offensive. Main is pretty well known for harboring grudges and ignoring anyone who isn’t a syncophantic devotee. In fact, he has apparently blocked one of my email addresses which is ethically questionable since, like it or not, I am a constitutent. Plus it is pointless, like most of us I have more than one email address.

That said, how can anyone ever trust what Main tells you when he is so easily caught out in a lie for something as silly as this?


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