Coos County Sheriff Gabe Fabrizio and outgoing District Attorney Paul Frasier continue making the rounds promoting the proposed “safety” levy on the upcoming May ballot. Measure 6-213 will impose a five-year tax increase on property owners to fund more jail beds and additional prosecutors. The theory is that law-abiding citizens will be much safer if we give these agencies more money, but it doesn’t address how well funds are being handled by the current leadership. Of course, I’m talking about internal policies that enable gender bias and retention of unprofessional and incompetent staff that put the lives of people relying on these agencies in danger and allow criminals to walk free.

Please watch this interview with Valarie Smith about her frustrating experience with the justice system in Coos County when she reported an alleged rape and how these agencies let her down and protected the accused. This individual, Jason Snelgrove, is still walking the streets having never even been questioned by law enforcement.

 How has Fabrizio handled this? By ignoring it. He has refused to return calls or answer emails. Both he and his captain have been overheard discussing these stories saying “people just don’t understand how things work.” They have made zero effort to educate us or provide information about their internal policies that allow such serious crimes as rape and possibly murder go uninvestigated.

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