In case you haven’t heard, local outrage peddler and conservative radio host Rob Taylor has finally been canceled. Aired on local station KWRO, a BiCoastal Media-owned frequency, Taylor catered to the extreme right-wing bashing anyone slightly left of Attila the Hun. He solicited guests like convicted traitor Enrique Tarrio, Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer and members of the Three Percenters and Oath Keepers. He and his guests promoted the Big Lie about the 2020 presidential election and regularly accused local election workers and county clerk staff of fraud.

The show was openly homophobic and transphobic, and Taylor took delight in bullying the Coos Bay City Council into taking down a Gay Pride Flag during Gay Pride Month, a federally recognized designation. Other favorite targets were the area’s homeless population and organizations that provided aid such as the Devereaux Center. Taylor, along with occasional cohost Diane Rich, even promoted conspiracy theories about “furries” and local high schools providing kitty litter in restrooms. They claimed schools are “indoctrination playgrounds.”

The list could go on, but you have the idea. Efforts to rein in his commentary in what amounts to stochastic terrorism and has resulted in threats to members of the gay community were ignored by BiCoastal Media president Mike Wilson citing 1st Amendment rights. All that changed when Taylor offended State Senator David Brock Smith.

To be fair, I have not listened to the show that brought about Taylor’s demise. Truthfully, I am unable to listen to his show for more than a few minutes because his voice has a certain whiny, singsong quality that gets progressively worse when he is worked up about something that I find very grating. Some friends will listen from time to time and let me know if I missed anything worthwhile. Nonetheless, the conduct of Taylor and Rich stirred enough ire that two of Smith’s legislative colleagues, Republican State Reps Court Boice and Virgle Osbourn wrote letters to Wilson admonishing the conduct of the two hosts.

It is important to note that all these people now crying foul, along with his advertisers have helped legitimize Taylor’s error-riddled outrage entertainment schtick just by being guests and they have no one to blame but themselves for getting bitten by the troll of Coos County. Smith especially must accept some ownership for feeding this monster as he has tried to use Taylor’s audience to his advantage. Nonetheless, Smith has penned a detailed explanation of what went down and in so doing has exposed Taylor as an unprofessional provocateur and a liar.

Taylor has been playing the victim card claiming he was canceled for just for asking tough questions and that BiCoastal Media was threatened with lawsuits by rich Democratic mega donors. The truth, according to Wilson in an Addressing Recent Misinformation by Smith lays out a different scenario.


“Hello Senator Smith,

There has been a lot of misinformation this week from Mr Taylor and 9 of his supporters that have reached out to me via email.

First, Mr Taylor and his supporters have stated that the program was pulled due to political pressure. This is false. You did bring the program to my attention and asked that I review its contents. Neither you nor any other elected official exerted any pressure to pull the show.

Second, there were no threatened lawsuits by you or Mr Tuttle. I called Mr Tuttle and offered an apology for the inferences made on the program. I found him to be reasonable and calm, which was surprising under the circumstances.

I did tell Mr Taylor on the phone that I would not be surprised if Mr Tuttle was in contact with his attorney as he was defamed and slandered on the program but did not tell Mr Taylor that anyone had threatened a lawsuit.

I am a staunch supporter of our Constitution. I support free speech and believe in accountability. I also believe there should be more local talk radio shows not less. That said, unprofessional behavior has consequences.

The decision to pull the show was made after I consulted with two national talk radio consultants. After listening to the shows in question, both advised me that they would pull the program immediately due to the behavior of Mr Taylor and his co-host. (Diane Rich)

I hope this clears up some of the misinformation that has been out there this week. I am available by phone if you would like to discuss any of this.

Best Regards,



To be clear, it is great news to decent people everywhere that the show has been canceled but there are no heroes in this story because all those named above enabled or participated in the crass, cruel, and unprofessional conduct exercised on that show by that host and his guests every Monday afternoon for way too long. Taylor promises to start a podcast by January 1 assuring his followers that he will not be silenced.

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