Oregon Housing investigators are at ORCCA offices now asking for payroll records and other documents. This was a surprise visit and Lehman is in Salem.

More to come

ORCCA receives funding to provide essential services like energy assistance, weatherization and housing assistance with dedicated grant funds administered by Oregon Housing & Community Services. Deficits in the South Coast Food Share operating budget have raised concerns that funds dedicated to essential services may have been misdirected to the food bank to cover cash shortfalls. Today, investigators asked for copies of personnel policies, lists of employees in all the divisions including the food bank, payroll actions (including recent raises) and complaints.

A complaint was filed with OHCS alleging that ORCCA may have knowingly violated internal policies and not properly vetted or supervised staff with access to confidential client information.

Coos County officials also have reason to be concerned about the food bank deficit. The county operated as the go between when the USDA awarded an $800K grant to pay for the construction of the new food bank facility. A condition of the grant is that the building operate as a food bank for a minimum of five years. Should the facility close its doors early, the county could be on the hook for the money. To make matters worse, the building which would have been debt free was used as part of the collateral for the financing of the new campus completed last year.

Investigators are expected to be at ORCCA offices again tomorrow.