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Sustainable future ordinance update

Sustainable future ordinance update

Please forgive the infrequent posts of late as I had a particularly nasty flu and looking at the screen has only now become tolerable.

First, the Coos Commons Protection Council made a decision to hold off submitting signatures for the May ballot because with the holidays, bad weather and flu season we did not feel we had an adequate buffer. So we are going to collect an additional 1,000 signatures for a big buffer and submit for the November ballot. In doing so we may be in line with both Columbia county and possibly Douglas as well.

By now everyone has probably read The World story on the bickering over the CEP funds and the distribution of funds to cash strapped schools. If you think it is bad now imagine what it would be like if there was any actual money to fight over. A pack of hyenas fighting over a carcass comes to mind.

One thing that is clear from the article is that the primary goal of the SCCF is just to be a foundation, it is not to give money to schools.  Not surprising when you look at who is on the board.

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