Please consider attending Occupy in solidarity with the National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day Candlelight Vigil which will be on Friday, Dec. 21 (longest night of the year) from 5:30 to 6:30 at the Coos Bay Boardwalk Shelter (toward the bay off Highway 101 N., across from the Visitor’s Center).  For additional information contact the Neighbors in Need Coalition organizer, Anna Marie at 541-266-8739.

Following the Candlelight Vigil we are having a Stone Soup Supper at the Green Spot (old Penney’s building in downtown Coos Bay), which is within easy walking distance from the CB Boardwalk (west on Anderson Street).  Occupy has donated the ingredients for the soup.  Hannah’s Bakery in North Bend has donated freshly baked dinner rolls.   The community has donated multiple tables full of warm clothing and blankets and those will be available to the homeless and those in need during the Soup Supper.  Please join us for this community building event!