Windustry in cooperation with the NY State Energy Research and Development Authority are having a seminar in April to enhance the prospects of developing community owned wind projects. Items on the agenda include

* Day 1: Open dialogue on local, state and national public policies for community wind energy and options for financing projects.
* Day 2: Practical information on how to put togher a community wind project.
* Both days will feature informative sessions on home and farm size turbines (small machines less than 100 kW).
* Day 3: Tour a community owned wind project in Massachusetts.

Who will attend?
Rural landowners, farmers, ranchers, economic development experts, elected officials, business leaders, tribal representatives, bankers, local planners, community leaders, legal and utility professionals, students, teachers and anyone else interested in knowing how wind may fit in their community.

The conference is in Albany, NY and I plan to attend despite the focus being upon centralized wind installations. Oregon will soon be part of a movement toward wide scale renewable distributed energy and I hope that it can be community owned.