A civil jury didn’t believe the findings of an internal police investigation and awarded a shooting victim $2.4M in damages. There are striking similarities in this case to the Foster case

…the jury award sent a strong message.

“This jury really spoke clearly,” Blair said. “They are tired of young men in our community being shot, disrespected and in some cases framed. We respect the police, but in this case they went astray badly.”

Vernon Herron, director of the county’s Department of Public Safety, said he stands by Coleman’s actions. An internal police investigation, which was reviewed by the Justice Department, found no wrongdoing by Coleman, Herron said.

Herron said Coleman and another officer at the scene “performed in the manner we’d expect our officers to perform.”

Police have said Coleman fired because he saw Shaw holding a gun.

All the citizens are going to pay for the poor leadership in that community and this one as well.