Rogue River Wind and Portland State University Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, have joined forces to optimize power generation from a high efficiency wind turbine suitable for rooftop mounting. Pictured here, this twelve foot, self indexing turbine can produce 3Kw at 15mph winds. The turbine is unaffected by air turbulence that can adversely affect most open bladed designs allowing rooftop mounting without tall towers. High Efficiency Wind Turbine The turbine is silent, vibration free and can be screened to prevent harm to birds and other wildlife. The turbine can be used in both rural and urban locations with good wind resource.

The high bandwidth generator is housed in the outer rim of the fan and power output can reach double digits. PSU will be assisting in the design and optimization of the production level generator. Testing will also be conducted by PSU and is expected to begin this fall once testing protocols are established.