This week’s Sentinel is filled with letters expressing their outrage at Councilman Parker’s outburst and supporting the paper’s still open forum. One of the best letters, written by Jo Teel and Colleen Luckman, challenges Parker’s claim that he is doing his ‘duty’ –

It is not the “duty” of elected officials in any government to use a public meeting to vent their personal feelings, propose their own agendas, or initiate their own vendetta against any single person or business that is part of their constituency. It is not the “duty” of any elected official in any city government to attempt to censure any viable community voice, or influence the financial situation of any entity within their community.

Mr Parker’s values were his campaign fodder. The election has been decided, the seat has been won. Our city council memebers need to hear the voice of their constituents, whether it be in a meeting, a newspaper, or on the street. As elected officials, that is their “duty”. Their personal opinions and values should no longer be the priority. It is the community who elected them, and the community which they must serve.

Parker’s definition of values was not the only point of contention. Another letter from Eldon Rollins questions the councilman’s use of the term ‘out of towner’ and notes that Diane and Donell at the Sentinel are natives while –

Mr Parker, on the other hand, arrived here from Sacramento, which is world famous for its Colloquium on Coquille Values, and I’m sure Mr Parker immersed himself in all the available literature and picked the minds of the Sacramento Valley’s leading experts on the values of Cquille before moving here…

…I would like to think that treating recent arrivals to the area fairly is a Coquille Value.
In fact every so often for better or worse, we see fit to elect them to the City Council and sometimes we even make them our City Manager and our Police Chiief.

Touché all of you!