China perceives a gap between Bush’s New Year approbation of the ongoing iraq quagmire and reality –
The gap between Bush’s optimism and reality
US President George W. Bush said 2005 was a year in which America grew more prosperous, advanced the cause of freedom abroad and enhanced its security at home. But the reality seems to be far from it.
In his New Year radio address, Bush lauded political developments in Iraq and Afghanistan and offered Americans reassurance that the progress was being made. He said Iraq held three successful elections and chose the only constitutional and democratic government in the Arab world. And in Afghanistan, people also elected a democratic parliament in a nation that only a few years ago was ruled by the Taliban.
“Our coalition is overcoming earlier setbacks and moving forward with a reconstruction plan to rebuild Iraq’s economy and infrastructure,” Bush said. “As we help Iraq build a peaceful and stable democracy, the United States will gain an ally in the war on terror, inspire reformers across the Middle East and make the American people more secure.”
However, Bush didn’t mention the great price America had paid. The US has spent $300 billion for the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and is still burning money at a speed of $1 billion per week. Not long ago, the Congress allocated $50 billion for the Bush administration and in 2006, Bush will ask the congress to allocate another $80-100 billion for wars.