The Coos County court house in Coquille, Oregon, put justice on hold today over a case of raman noodles. My super secret sources tell me that a circuit court judge observed a vagrant smoking a cigarette and holding a box near a dumpster located on court house property. Streets were closed and the court house was evacuated while bomb squads were called in from out of the area.

After five hours it was determined that the case disguised as raman noodles did in fact hold, well, raman noodles. It was however determined that the case had once been opened by box cutters a known tool of al Qaeda and other terrorist operatives. Further it was determined that the box had been resealed with duct tape, another subversive terrorist tool.

Bomb sniffing dogs had to be diverted from their job of sniffing out IED’s in Iraq and flown back for a thorough search of the court house. Trained squads were rushed in from outlying areas to aid the local forces already taxed by the rising violent crime rate in Coos County.