Via the DCCC I just received an email from Jack Murtha. The email asks that we sign a petition to demand of Congress an ‘honest’ debate about Iraq and our troops. Murtha reiterates once again what ought to be the battle cry of everyone who loves and cares about our troops, this is not a partisan issue. ‘This can’t be Republican and Democrat’.

Because we in Congress are charged with overseeing the safety of our sons and daughters when the president sends them into battle, it is our responsibility, our obligation to speak out for them. This obligation has not been met. That’s why I am speaking out now.

It is really that simple, Congress is charged with and its members elected to protect our troops during time of war. When Duncan Hunter R-CA pulled his knee-jerk partisan stunt on the eve of the Thanksgiving recess, he effectively spat in the face of all the young men and women risking their lives in Iraq.

We had three months to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people after toppling Saddam. Three months to restore electricity, water, provide health care and food to the nation we had just blown apart. Three months to assure the Iraqi people that despite invading their country we were not an enemy. Three months to begin to build a new nation, something Bush swore he would never do.

Instead, we have wrought suffering and turmoil on the Iraqi people and placed our troops in an unwinnable situation. We have saddled them with a great burden and hamstrung them to boot with inadequate tools, experience and leadership.

Advocate for the troops and sign Murtha’s petition. Tell Congress to take care of our kids or tell them they are out in the next election.