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Tag: Andy Jackson

Law enforcement failures deny justice

The prime suspect in this potential murder mystery will soon become apparent but this story is about how a lackadaisical approach or a rush to judgment taken by the sheriff’s office and the medical examiner can deny justice to grieving families.

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Some thoughts on Coos County commission applicants

Comparing Sanne and McCaffree I would say that Sanne has a much stronger accounting background and foreknowledge of how the county government works, giving him an edge over McCaffree. McCaffree on the other hand has built up a statewide network of public officials and regional experts on many topics from which to draw help from, something Sanne would have to work to develop.

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Nine member selection committee to choose Coos County commissioner

Commissioners Main and Parry resolved today to each pick four and jointly pick one for a total of nine citizens to sit on a selection committee to review candidates to replace the late Nikki Whitty. The committee will choose up to seven of the applications for an interview process consisting of nine to ten questions, similar to how Commissioner Parry was appointed to replace the late Andy Jackson.

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Coos County applicant interviews today at the Owen Building

The panel consists of people who never attend regular BOC meetings so it will be interesting to see what types of questions they come up with based on whatever their experience in county government may be. The applicants being interviewed never attend the meetings either, for that matter, so it may be safe to say the inexperience of the panel may well suit the inexperience of the applicants.

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