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Being selective about friends and investors

Sometimes it is hard to see the benefits of an unpleasant situation and yet benefits may result from the most unlikely places. As an example, I have become very selective about the friends I allow into my life as I have taken residence here in Coquille and regrettably moved next door to a self proclaimed harpy. Ever mindful of the safety of my children, in particular my daughter and my own peace of mind, I avoid, like the plague members of local society who accept, tolerate…

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Big wind has big problems

As an avid proponent of decentralized energy I must admit to a little schadenfreude when I read articles about big wind turbines and their many inherent problems. Now a company has developed a device to anticipate the direction and velocity of wind to allow big turbines to feather their props and orient more directly into the wind.

Wind turbines lose roughly 1 percent of their operating efficiency for every degree their blades are out of alignment with the oncoming wind.

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