Once again Coos County Commissioner Bob Main oversteps his authority and disposes of any semblance of polite decorum while at the same time making the county look ignorant and backward. Main filed a comment via the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) regarding a proposed offshore wind project that he opposes.

Main’s comment is a draft resolution, yet unheard or deliberated on or passed by the county board yet he presents it as if it has already been adopted by the county. In so doing, he is misrepresenting his opinion as the position of the whole body. It is highly likely Main knows how fellow Commissioner Rod Taylor is going to vote because they may be engaging in unethical and illegal meetings to discuss action items outside of public view. According to one source, internal complaints have filed alleging that Main and Taylor are serial offenders of Oregon’s Public Meetings Law.

One of the complaints surrounds the possibility that both Main and Taylor plan to vote to refuse $1.9 million in State funding to address the area homeless problem.

The resolution can be read here and contains the usual litany of provably false whereas statements. To paraphrase someone who brought this to my attention, it’s one thing for Main to reveal his own ignorance but does he have to make the rest of the county look dumb?






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