Content cowContent Citizens of Coquille along with the Coquille PD want to have a party, August 5 in recognition of National Night Out. Building off an earlier rally in support of prosecution fruit pickers and traffic nazis, the event is billed in a letter to the editor by Nancy Keller as a bridge building, crime prevention, bike safety and barbecue extravaganza. In a unique marketing ploy there may be an opportunity to taser Officer Webley?!?! (too bad Carl Foster can’t be there) Also attending are the newly formed Coquille Valley Crime Stoppers.

Anyway, enough fun, public participation is invited. Call Officer Bryant at 297-0644 or Nancy Keller at 396-3111 if you would like to participate.

UPDATE: There is a new blog touching on the Coquille PD and the unsolved murder of Leah Freeman by that feisty little fireball, BetteJo. Be sure and check it out here