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Charter puts people in control

Charter puts people in control

By Mervyn Cloe

“We the People” is the way the preamble to our Constitution starts. I always liked the sound of that, but where have “We the People” gone? Some no longer vote or consider the need to participate in any way. Only a Few will become candidates to serve in political positions.

The design of the Founders was for volunteer service. Volunteer service requires that we maintain awareness and have interest in the affairs of government. It is also a way to keep government within reasonable bounds.

The best opportunity to serve in government is local or city and the next best is your County government.

Thanks to two Coos County residents, who want to enhance a “We the People”
Governing of Coos County, a new charter has been developed. The aim of the Charter is to put people in control. Voter approval would be required for;
1) Capitol programs, 2) All bonded indebtedness, 3) The gifting of Public funds, 4) The granting of property tax exemptions; and more.

Voter approval would be required for Urban Renewal. Accountability for use of Urban Renewal funds will require public presentation on a County website with full disclosure of the disbursement of Urban Renewal funds

Budgeting will be zero based, which means that they will be based on the cost of service delivery for the coming period.

Voters in Coos County should get well acquainted with this Home Rule Proposal in order to make an informed decision on it. It is much better than I had expected.

If approved by the voters, Coos County could become a destination for new investment. People who want to have more control over their lives will consider establishing themselves in Coos County. Coos County could become the envy of the Nation by shining daylight on the operation of government.

Sign me as consumed with envy in Douglas County!

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