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Did SCCF directors have authority to rewrite bylaws?

Our commissioners are saying they've ratified this? Which part? What? When?

Did SCCF directors have authority to rewrite bylaws?

By Ronnie Herne

How do you start a letter that deals with going through Alice’s rabbit hole backwards, and darkly? I’m going to throw some pebbles in the murky water and just follow a couple ripples.

In the middle of this morass are our three commissioners. They clearly told us on May 6th, 2014 (filmed) that their 2-commissioner vote in a workshop session to ratify the South Coast Community Foundation, its by-laws, and its three directors wasn’t actually a vote and would have to be ratified when all three commissioners are present at a regularly scheduled board meeting.

Then on June 17th (filmed) they said, well yes, they had checked with County Counsel and it was a real vote afterall and they really had ratified membership in the SCCF, and accepted its by-laws, and its three directors. And Commissioner Cribbins said Commissioner Bob Main can say what he wants at the July 1st meeting starting at 9:30am.

Now. The three directors the commissioners ratified have since resigned en masse. Prior to leaving, these directors rewrote the by-laws. The previous two or three by-laws (these have been rewritten some 29 times) said only foundation Members could rewrite the by-laws, not directors. But these late directors did it anyway, and rewrote the very structure of the foundation.

Were they allowed to do that? And now the foundation is materially changed, the by-laws are changed (or are they?), the originating directors are gone. But our commissioners are saying they’ve ratified this? Which part? What? When?

And a loose foursome of Members is going to create 7 directors (is it 7?) and the 7 will hire/appoint a CEO with power to invest for the Foundation, sell for the Foundation, and indebt the Foundation. Hello?

And the voter fits in here where? And if the invested foundation gets money, who gets the profit? And if the indebted Foundation fails, who gets the bill?

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3 Responses to "Did SCCF directors have authority to rewrite bylaws?"

  1. Avatar
    Themguys  June 28, 2014 at 6:26 PM

    Well Mr. Smarty-Pants Dover, why don’t you just ask Cribbins at the next ‘public’ commissioners’ meeting?

    Oh, my bad, didn’t she just say she will no longer answer to the public at their public meetings?

    Enjoying your posts ben dover, thank you.

    Many of us are likewise enjoying this debacle.

    The woman is in WAAAYYYY over her head, and it’s so obvious.

    My personal opinions only, of course, you know how lawyers are.

  2. Avatar
    ben dover  June 28, 2014 at 10:55 AM

    For not being a member, for not being the non member county representative, Sweet sure did a lot of talking at the last SCCF / CEP / Waterfront meeting. Sweet, you and Cribbs gots lots of splainen to do.

  3. Avatar
    ben dover  June 27, 2014 at 12:21 PM

    Me thinks that the Jesuit lawyer dude who taught Cribbins the law is hiding from public view. Nobody claiming to have six years experience as a lawyer, albeit Tribe law, should be able to screw up anything as bad as county and SCCF. Did the two year experience county lawyer really change his opinion and now say we is a SCCF member? Your answer of course is, only Cribbins knows. When did Sweet and Cribbins hide from the public and decide to join SCCF? If before late May when the triad resigned, the triad could not legally change anything. Remember, in their parting letter to the naysayer yahoo aint newcomers of the area they said that Sweet, representing the county, was a member. If the county is not yet a member, something that Cribbins has insisted is the case, the departing trio can do whatever; they had the power to do so. I would advocate Cribbins recall but I’m enjoying too much watching her pull Sweet down with her.


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