5ef17ed4d733d4dc3519b291889643fe_LWithout having access to all the evidence in the death of Holly Berry it may not seem fair to challenge the official finding of accidental drowning but I am glad to see I am not alone in feeling something isn’t quite right. Berry’s family and others who knew her as well as average citizens (see The World’s Facebook comments) are skeptical as well. What was she doing there in the woods, at dusk? If she was deeply depressed as some have speculated would she have gone there with her backpack and cell phone?

While there is no reason to suspect the local police of mishandling the case, all too often crimes against women, particularly women of lower socioeconomic status, appear to get short shrift. Having the police department tell the paper they will take another look “if something pops up” is not comforting and only supports the concerns raised that investigators have taken the easy path to resolution.