Jeff Bishop left his $150K position as CEO of the Port of Coos Bay to take over as city manager of Blanchard, OK for half the salary. Bishop wanted to get closer to his Oklahoma roots, it was said, but he had negotiated a consulting agreement with the port commission and received full pay for a period of ninety days which is coincidentally exactly how long he lasted in Blanchard. Bishop was terminated or “self terminated” according to one account and took a higher paying job in Miami, OK where he received his AA degree. The folks in Blanchard do not appear pleased with their “golden boy” and believe he may have used the city as a jumping off place until he got the job he really wanted.

Bishop may have been unhappy at his job in Coos Bay long before deciding to come to Blanchard, Oklahoma. It is known that he applied for other jobs both in Ohio and in Washington State, and possibly several more, prior to applying for the job at Blanchard. So, even going home to Oklahoma was not always his goal for leaving Coos Bay. It appears his main goal was just to leave Coos Bay, Oregon.
Prior to his application for the Blanchard City Manager position, Bishop and Coos Bay agreed to a couple of changes in his contract with the understanding that he would soon leave the position. The newly negotiated contract required him to continue to work as a Consultant to the Port of Coos Bay for 90 days after he left the job – at full pay – and in exchange, he would have to give only a 30-day notice when he left instead of 45 days. Therefore, for the same 90 days that Jeffrey Bishop worked for the City of Blanchard, he was also working as a Consultant for Coos Bay, drawing a combined salary of over $19,000 per month, plus more than $1,500 per month phone and car allowance and other benefits by the City of Blanchard. During his 90-day stint at Blanchard, Bishop was doing very well for himself.

Bishop’s six years at Port of Coos Bay his longest term of employment in anyone place and ninety day term as Blanchard’s city manager may be his shortest but he doesn’t have a record of longevity anywhere. (Coicidentally, the new Coquille city manager and Bishop both worked for the city of Jerome, ID.)

Bishop has been employed as the City Manger of Blanchard, Oklahoma since January of this year. Prior to that his experience has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay in Coos Bay, Oregon from 2005 to 2011. He also served from 2001 to 2005 as Manager of Industrial Development for the Port of Tacoma and from 1996 to 2001 as the Director of Properties and Development for the Port of Pasco in Washington.

Bishop was the City Administrator from 1995 to 1996 for the City of Jerome, Idaho;City Administrative Staff Analyst for the City of Seattle from 1994 to 1995; City Manager from March to July of 1994 for the City of Sulphur, Ok.; City Administrator for the City of Connell, Wa. from 1990 to 1994; from 1988 to 1990 was the City Administrator for the City of Lansing, Ks.; and was a Management Intern for the City of Nichols Hills, Ok from 1987 to 1988.

According to the editorial Bishop may be arguing with the City of Blanchard over the terms of his contract that require he be paid one year’s salary if terminated early. The author believes Bishop wanted to be terminated because he had already accepted another job in Miami, OK.

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