The editorial board at the paper is hard at work pitching the structure advisory committee meme of a centralized management or county administrator and further offering up the notion of unpaid, volunteer commissioners. The paper posits that municipalities operate under that model so it stands to reason counties, and in particular Coos County, should also operate with a manager. After all, the paper says our current system is SO “19th century” and not equipped to handle today’s challenges whereas the manager/CEO system is much more current tracing its roots back only to 1908, definitely well into the 20th century and therefore far more suited to our technologically advanced world.

Electing volunteer commissioners will attract “leaders” rather than “job seekers”, says the paper and we have all seen how well this model works in Lakeside with its volunteer council and city manager.

The paper did make one point to agree with, in part, regarding the upcoming elections. “With weak players or ideologues, it could be a train wreck”. The only thing to take issue with is the “could” because having three ideologues on the board has already wrecked the train and they derailed it in under a year.