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Slowly, too slowly, getting things caught up


Been suffering from a bit of information overload, lately. Must admit, everything I am learning is of utmost interest to me and I love reading more and more on my favorite subjects, energy, economics (which I used to hate) and ecology. There is no limit to the information available and I am tasked by virtue of business demands to disseminate all of it into a comprehensive plan and series of articles.

Doing all this cuts into my personal life, however, and compounded with all the travel I find myself getting further and further behind on everything including my salvation, exercise and family and friends. Schedules are looking to get worse before they get better so I am not too sure how well I will keep up with this blog although I will be publishing the articles mentioned above here as well as elsewhere.

One thing to note, my experiment with barefoot running seems to be working though I have only logged 12 barefoot miles so far. For other runners, I suggest you give it a try as it completely takes the pressure off your hips and lets your foot perform like a foot is supposed to perform. Pretty cool!

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Avatar When my oldest son, a Marine, left for war and crossed the border from Kuwait into Iraq in March 2003 I started writing my conscience. After two tours that young combat veteran’s mother is now an ardent peace activist and advocate for social, environmental and economic justice. MGx has matured since those early vents and ramblings and now covers relevant and important local and regional matters in addition to national and global affairs.


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