Alas, it seems the city council is in lock step with the city manager regarding a more representative hiring committee. Disregarding the obvious impact that the hiring will have on ALL citizens the suggestion of having a wider group including younger committee members was answered with silence by the council.

Afterward, Mayor Britton suggested that members of the hiring committee, unknown by the city manager, would have to be vetted! Submit to background checks and be certified as not having a vendetta against law enforcement. Notwithstanding the obviously low opinion our civic leaders apparently have for the ‘average’ citizen, the audacity that even the most virulent ‘cop hater’ shouldn’t also have a say in how their tax dollar is spent is appalling. Shame on the council and the mayor on this one.

Many citizens applied to be on the committee and they would have provided a much better cross section of this city than the old fossils they have chosen. It is the younger people who will still be around who will have to live with the city’s decision.