Not having been sold on Obama I am not as heartbroken as some on his capitulation of the FISA bill, nevertheless as Glenn Greenwald says it is more than a little dispiriting. From TPM

Glenn Greenwald, a leading critic of Obama on this, sends me his skeptical take on why he thinks Obama’s promise to work on the bill in the Senate doesn’t change anything:

“I think we do a grave disservice if we try to convince people that Obama is really going to work to get amnesty out of the bill. Reid is already saying it’s just theater — they know it’s going to fail — it’s just a way, Reid said, to let people “express themselves.” It’s all designed to let Obama say, once he votes for this bill: “Well, I tried to get amnesty out.” He’s going to vote for amnesty — and his statement today seals the fate of this bill. Why sugar coat that?”

It is things like this that have had me voting third party since 1992.