The following letter to the editor was sent to the Coquille Valley Sentinel today in response to Philippa Benson’s personal attacks upon me in last week’s edition. The sender was kind enough to send me a copy and we will see if the paper prints it.

Regarding Philippa Benson’s rant against Mary Geddry, Mary was in Washington, DC, the week her eight year old daughter was bitten. She reported the bite as soon as her daughter told her and they did their best to figure out the exact day it happened. I know this because I was a witness in the case.

Benson says her dog has never bitten anyone but that is not true. Her dog bit me, three times on a service call to her house. Benson knew the dog bit me. I did not report this to the police but I did put it on the service record. I told the district attorney this and they dismissed the charges.

Wes Cragts

There was also a tenant of Mrs Benson present during this service call. The tenant and Mrs Benson were arguing, we heard the argument next door and the tenant left in anger, permanently. This person may have also seen the dog biting Wes Cragts and did reside there when my daughter says she was bitten.

UPDATE A typing error incorrectly listed Wes’ last name – the correct spelling is Craggs.