Well, VFP has been holding a weekly vigil every Wednesday at 4:30PM for a few weeks now. Last week, one of the stalwarts from the Bandon vigil, a counter protester showed up and stood catty corner from us on Adams and Hwy 42. Ed Pool, one of the founders of the local VFP chapter went over to say hi and let him know that we will be standing every week.

This week, many other counter protesters showed up to hold flags and give the opposing view. While I definitely do not agree with a pro war stance I am so glad those old codgers take the time to stand (well sit in lawn chairs actually) and bring attention to the war and our troops. So few people are even aware that we have lost over 4,500 men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan or that over 30,000 are seriously wounded.

Today we were joined by several local teens who are actually paying attention to local politics and the war. This was very heartening for me because it is for these kids as much as the soldiers in Iraq that I spend this time each week.

The ‘veterans for victory only’ (their words not mine) have a different definition than we do of how to support the troops but at least they are doing something.

For me, I know that my son believed or hoped, at least, that he was fighting for something noble, something greater than himself. He was willing to take a bullet for his country and very nearly did on multiple occasions as you can see from this photo. John heading outRegrettably, those on our side feel that our troops are not fighting for their country they are fighting for their government and this is an important distinction. We believe that the government erred in sending our military into Iraq and are misusing the heart and soul and courage of our warriors.

It is their willingness to fight for us that demands that we fight for them, fight to bring them home. So I travel to DC and lobby Congress. I write letters and editorials and attend meetings and conferences and work on renewable energy development to reduce our dependence upon foreign oil. I also stand on street corners to remind people that our troops are dying in Iraq every day and we need to bring them home and take care of them when they get here.