This comment by BetteJo deserves highlighting here. No one I know is anti-police, no one. The motivations vary but everyone I know supports police accountability, everyone, except evidently some police wives and some officers themselves. What logical reason would police officers have for not wanting to be accountable to the public they serve and pay their salary?

BetteJo’s well thought out comment touches on items I have written about before. She also addresses the need to bring public pressure to bear on the powers that be to not sweep the Leah Freeman murder under the rug. If the county and city are not going to work this case then give it to another agency that will.

I posted this over at the world forum:

You know it isnt such a hard concept to think that it is possible to support the police while asking for accountability at the same time. Those videos are disgusting displays of human beings at their worst! Yes the police in Coquille are just doing their job…maybe the job that they are being directed to do is the problem then?

To the CPD personally I have defended members of your force such as Officer Bryant because I believe you to be good people. Even though I support you, I also expect that you be accountable for your actions the same as the next person. I posted some very disturbing images on magixs site because I think that people need to be reminded that there are some pretty bad “apples” out there as far as law enforcement goes. Yes magix and Kay can get very harsh in their criticism of the CPD but I have taken the time to try and get to know and I have a better understanding of why they get so upset. It is important for the citzens of this community to know and understand their rights. It is the basis for our whole government. There is nothing wrong with individuals getting involved and moving for change when they see a need for it. This has made magix, CCC and Kay targets because they are not just accepting what they are told at face value. They are seeking for explanations and justifications. It is their rights as tax paying citzens. I think you will find that there are alot more people in this town that think the way they do but they are not as vocal, nor do they want to be in the spotlight.

I find it really disturbing that the biggest crime that we have had perpetrated in this community the murder of a teenage girl has been mishandled so badly. It is not the fault of the officers on the force at this time. They were not there during the initial investigation. The chief yes he was. However the more research I do the more I find fault in how the case was handled at all levels. Here are the questions that I feel Cory deserves to have answered:

1. Why has the DA been so quiet about this case?
2. Why has the DA refused to bring in outside agencys to help in the investigation
3. Why has the City Manager not applied more pressure for the case to be solved?
4. Why has the Chief of police not pushed for more help.
5. Why has the Coos County Sherriffs office been virtually non-existent in this case when Leah’s body was found outside city limits in the county’s jurisdiction?
6. Why have the County elected officials not pushed for something to happen here?

These are fundamental problems with this case. Do they have anything to do with the CPD you bet they do.