Three lines in a circle have come to be synonymous with the ‘peace movement’.

The peace symbol became a hieroglyphic superstar because of its simplicity and adaptability, says Ken Kolsbun, co-author of the new book “Peace: The Biography of a Symbol.” The symbol can be rendered in a few strokes, even by the least artistically gifted, he points out. What’s more, the symbol has never been trademarked…

Locally, peace or the ‘peace symbol’ it is hard to tell which has come under fire. Some residents have objected to Dian’s peace signs in her Adams St apartment window, ( though no objections have been made to the dumpster sitting on Adams Street that we have heard of ). What is so objectionable about peace in Coquille? What is so tolerable about trash?

More importantly, why do Coquillians believe they can deny the 1st Amendment rights of another citizen? Is Coquille afraid that visitors to the city might leave if peace is espoused? Are Coquille values antithetical to peace? Would an “I Heart CPD” sign be acceptable?