If Blackwater is the SS, and Homeland Security is the Gestapo, then InfraGuard must be the Nazi Party. I’m just guessing, because it’s all so secret.

Note that in the Progressive article it says “when, not if, martial law is declared…” I don’t think Dumbya and Buckshot are planning on leaving office!

“As Romney told it, Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama would ‘surrender’ to our enemies abroad.

By prolonging the Republican nomination battle, Romney said, he would dangerously hobble McCain’s ability to attack the Democrats. ‘And in this time of war,’ Romney said, ‘I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.’” (www.kansascity.com/340/story/480568.html)

Guess what will happen if Obama the Muslim should get elected — or, if Billary should try to claim another eight years!

Maybe a nice little condo in Denmark or Sweden would be a good idea.

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