As I have steadfastly refused to join a political party since 1992 I don’t much care if a candidate is republican or democrat. Consequently I didn’t much care that Bob Main was a republican as long as he was willing to work with disparate opinions and groups unlike the present commissioner, John Griffith. That said I have received numerous reports of Main’s pro war stance on Friday night at the regular vigil in Bandon.

Since I was at another event on Friday I missed it but it is being reported to me that his behavior was perceived by members of Women in Black and Veterans for Peace as less support for the troops and more a statement opposing peace and them in particular. At any rate he has managed to alienate a lot of votes who will still not vote for Griffith but will also leave his box unchecked. An impolitic move on Main’s part but I am glad to know who he is and while I hate voting on single issues, I will probably leave that box blank also.

UPDATE: Okay, I am back from a bike ride which always helps me focus and I realized what it is that really upsets me about Main’s behavior last Friday. Not mentioned above was that Main parked his pickup with his Main for Commissioner sign prominently displayed while he stood there holding an American flag.

Using a ‘support the troops’ rally to campaign is like going to a funeral to do the same thing. These kids are dying and he took advantage of a two year old vigil on their behalf to push his campaign. Some of us have lost loved ones or seen them irreparably damaged and find using these vigils to campaign very offensive. Had he gone there without the sign I would not care outside of ignoring everyone else but his conduct was in very poor taste.

Secondly, he made no effort to talk to any of his other potential voters. What about the combat veterans on the Women in Black corner or on the Veterans for Peace corner? There are a lot of Purple Hearts, Silver and Bronze Stars and other medals of valor on those corners that he essentially thumbed his nose at.