No disrespect meant to Hunter S Thompson. Fear seems to be a big player in Coquille. Many citizens are afraid of the police. Coquille Police officers appear to be afraid of everybody. The chief of police is afraid of the local newspaper and as evidenced at Dian’s blog, several citizens are afraid of facts and peace signs.

Looking at three separate weeks of police logs in the paper begs the question? Why the hell are people so afraid and what the hell are they afraid of? Really, read the logs and I admit until today I had never read them before, but read them. (In fact, some of them are pretty comical and good for a chuckle.) What is so terrifying about Coquille that a man’s neck is broken over a cracked windshield?

Contrary to what people think I am not anti-police as I have said before. What I object to is unprofessional and incompetent performance in any profession, especially those paid by public money.

As I have mentioned before I have family in police work, two cousins. They are both big city cops and because they have degrees they are high ranking but they are still cops. It is not the profession I have a problem with it is how the job is being done where I believe the citizens are receiving a poor return on the tax dollar.

Again I blame the leadership more than any of the officers although some people should never wear a badge.