What a whirlwind tour I have had these last two days traveling from the southern border of Oregon all the way to the top and back again. Managed a stop at the Roseburg VA Hospital to visit my son and learned much more about the program and the extent of the physiological damage caused by high levels of stress hormones on our troops. I am going to invite Dr Staggenborg from the VA clinic in Bandon to contribute to an article about PTSD and what our returning vets are facing in the future.

From there I went on to Portland for meetings with PSU about wind turbines, distributed energy, my own ultra cool generator and the future of power in Oregon and beyond. Dr Gerald Sheble will be contributing material and articles for a series on energy I want to write specific to the Oregon coast.

On my way home I stopped off in Eugene to meet with Carl Foster and Kaycee Faught. I am happy to report that Carl is speaking very well now though he has to wait for the ventilator to catch up to him and we were able to have a good conversation. There are many issues with quadriplegia that are worth educating the public about.

Anyway, I am a bit weary so I am not going to dig into the political scene ’til tomorrow morning.