The World is reporting on the grand jury finding and the comments are overwhelmingly against the findings. DA Fraser in his press release makes the following statements

“My review reveals that there was sufficient probable cause to believe that Mr. Foster committed the crime of criminal mischief in the second degree for his act of throwing a coffee cup at the car and damaging the molding around the front driver’s door of Ms. Phillips’ car. ..,.” Coos County District Attorney R. Paul Frasier said in a press release this morning.

According to the press release, Frasier chose not to charge the officers for a number of reasons, following an investigation by the Major Incident and Crimes Team, as well as by Michael Janin, an expert on the use of police force. Investigators concluded the officers had probable cause to arrest Foster, that Foster had resisted arrest and took a swing at Webley, and that the officers used an accepted method to take down the man.

“While the officers indicated that they thought Mr. Foster’s chest hit the ground first, the injury he suffered suggests that his chin also hit the ground hard and thus hyper-extended his neck towards his back,” the press release states.

Also, a doctor at Sacred Heart Medical Center, where Foster later underwent surgery, revealed a pre-existing degenerative condition in his neck.

Kaycee Faught notes that her father has osteoporosis. Nevertheless, the nature of the break still supports excessive force as cervical vertebra are normally porous.

Most appalling is the continued claim of resisting arrest as we have no evidence beyond the word of the two officers involved. Resisting arrest could be no more than taking ‘too long’ to get on the ground as Foster was nursing broken ribs. Enough of us have been lied to by the police department and witnessed their liberality with the truth in court to easily question anything they say.

People have to unite and stand up to this or it will only get worse. Please contact Agent Jason Cherry with the Eugene office of the FBI and report your own experiences with the Coquille PD. Write the State AG. Stand with a sign in front of Fraser’s office and whatever you do do not allow him to be elected to the office!