The World has published a very good article about last night’s city council meeting here in Coquille and Dian’s proposal for video cameras.

Dian Courtright of the Concerned Citizens of Coquille blog stepped forward and, reading from a prepared statement, talked about being shocked when she heard that Foster’s arrest was not audio recorded. She said she was under the impression all police contact with the public would be recorded. Founded in June, the citizens group aims to mediate disputes between Coquille residents and the police.

“How much of this would be cleared up if the audio were recorded?” she asked.

Courtright suggested the officers of the force be equipped with video cameras on their helmets and hats, a plan that is used in some parts of the United Kingdom.

“We think it would benefit Coquille to be just as progressive,” she said. Each video system would cost around $5,000, she added.

Britton interrupted her comments once to inform her that because the pending grand jury investigation, the councilmembers would not comment on the case.

After Courtright finished, Don Delyria, a former worker at the seasonal Coquille Farmers Market, stepped up to the podium and offered to give $100 toward buying the video cameras.

The article noted the same avoidance on the part of the council to discuss the matter of Carl Foster. While I understand the implications of a pending investigation it would have been appropriate for the council to prepare a statement on this matter.