Last night, Dian presented a proposal to purchase video camera systems that would record all actions taken by the Coquille PD in the course of their duties. While I had to step out during that time, I believe she did an excellent job and I came back to hear one citizen offering to donate to a fund to raise the money needed for such an undertaking.

Dian is optimistic that the council will take this proposal seriously and I certainly hope that she is right. On the other hand I am admittedly pessimistic that without significant pressure from the public the council will do a thing.

The council did not take seriously the warnings they received last summer. They did not act then and they have not acted now and Carl Foster’s condition is a direct result of that failure on the part of the Coquille City Council. This is a blatant disregard for the very people that elected them and it borders on criminal negligence.

To date not one person from the city has contacted Kaycee Faught, Foster’s daughter, in any official or unofficial capacity. Notwithstanding an ongoing investigation even the unwilingness to bring up the issue at last night’s council meeting was telling. Linda Short made a point of sharing a tender story of one officer helping an old woman find a purse. The omission of the tragic, horrible events leading to Carl Foster becoming a quadriplegic, particularly in light of how important the matter is to the people of Coquille was a glaring refusal to take any responsibility for their failure to act.

Again and again, they take the word of Reaves and O’Connor over their own citizens.