From our own Dr Fischer an excellent breakdown of the New Hampshire primary elections…

It defies logic and science:

Zogby poll done Jan 5-7:
Clinton 29%
Obama 42%
Edwards 17%
Richardson 5%
Kucinich 2%
Undecided 5%

Election Results
Clinton 39%
Obama 36%
Edwards 17%
Richardson 5%
Kucinich 1%
Uncounted 2%

The polls for Edwards, Richardson and Kucinich were spot on. But the Clinton/Obama polls were “off” by 16 percentage points! Impossible! Never happen! No way!

Clinton’s advisors expected her to come in second again, and were planning on conceding the next two primaries to work on super Tuesday, Feb 5th, when there are 22 primaries. But, danged if she didn’t pull of a “shocking” win! Woo! Woo!

Let’s look at the Republicans’ numbers:

Zogby Poll of Jan 5 -7
McCain 36%
Romney 27%
Huckabee 10%
Giuliani 9%
Paul 9%
Thompson 2%
Hunter 1%
Undecided 5%

Election Results
McCain 37%
Romney 31%
Huckabee 11%
Giuliani 9%
Paul 8%
Thompson 1%
Hunter 1%
Uncounted 2%

Romney picked up 4 percentage points (probably from the undecided voters) and the rest are within 1 percent of the poll. Nothing unusual there. The poll was right on, again!

How do the media explain what is being called an “amazing,” “surprising,” “startling,” “stunning,” victory? Why, it was Billary’s near-tear moment that showed a softer, more human side of the iceberg lady. It was the independent voters (sorry not enough of those). It was the undecided voters, old-line Democrats, women voters… blah, blah, blah….

What is NOT being mentioned is that three-quarters of the votes were counted on Diebold op-scan machines — the exact same ones that were hacked in the HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy. Not mentioned is that the results were tallied and the records kept and made unrecoverable by LHS Associates, whose owner John Silverstro, has been the subject of numerous voter fraud investigations by independent researchers.

But, that’s not the end of the story. The media was claiming it was “do-or-die” for Billary. All would be lost if she didn’t win in New Hampshire. But, in actual number of delegates Clinton is in the lead with 187 delegates, to Obama’s 89 delegates, and Edwards with 50 delegates. There have only been two primaries. Where did all those other delegates come from? The are the so-called “super-delegates,” separately chosen party and elected officials! So, what are the primaries all about? Symbolic politics! The primaries are a con job to draw attention away from the corporate elite’s control of the American political system.

I hate to be an I-told-you-so, but for a year or more I’ve been telling everyone that the elections are a fraud worked on the American public, and that Billary is going to be the next president. It just that no one can actually believe that’s true. Not in America! It can’t happen here! There is a great line from Groucho Marks, when he is caught in the bedroom of an old battleaxe’s pretty young daughter. He asks the furious woman, “Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?”

Who are you going to believe: the media, or your own eyes?

Two questions: Why did Obama concede the primary so quickly? (Shades of John Kerry and Al Gore!) And, who rigged the results? Would it be the Democratic Central Committee, because it was do-or-die? The Republicans, because they want to run against beatable Billary? Or, is it all one big fraud with both parties just cooperating components of the big scam? I’d say the latter.

About one-quarter of the New Hampshire votes were hand counted. It will be very interesting to compare the hand counted votes with those “counted” by the Diebold op-scan machines. Let’s watch for that comparison. It will tell us what happened in New Hampshire.

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UPDATE Join this discussion regarding voter irregullarities and view this spreadsheet

Also, from Mark Crispin Miller –

Gee, he thinks Hillary won for real! And he can’t possibly have had a thing
to do with those machine votes in New Hampshire. After all, he left the White House!
He’s just a private citizen!

Let’s talk a bit about the possibility that the Republicans fixed the NH primary.
How far-fetched is that idea? Well, those of you who know a little history will
recall that, way back in 1072, Richard Nixon had these guys, like Donald Segretti
–“ratfuckers,” they called themselves–out there on the campaign trail harassing
old Ed Muskie. (Muskie finally melted down, remember, in New Hampshire.) Their
goal was to ravage his campaign, so as to pave the way for George McGovern, whom
they were rightly confident they could annihilate in the election.

They got their wish. And the Democratic Party helped, in its own way, because
they didn’t lift a finger for McGovern, who was not one of them, and so they
sat hard on their hands until he went down in a Nixon/Agnew landslide.