Cory Courtright, mother of murder victim Leah Freeman is traveling to Portland this week to meet with the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children (POMC). POMC publishes a national newsletter and will feature Leah’s story to help maintain media interest and attract the assistance of Cold Case Files and Nancy Grace. Personally, I have never seen either of these programs but do understand that they have, by virtue of dogged investigation and intense media exposure, helped solve many cold cases.

Twenty five years ago, I lost my brother, only 20 years old at the time, to suicide. Each year on the anniversary of his birth and again on the anniversary of his death I always awaken thinking of him. This is an odd thing as I am not even consciously aware of the date most of the time. It is an odd nagging sensation, like a grain of sand in my shoe and I always remember him most especially on these days. August 3rd was the anniversary of the day Leah’s body was found and it hit Cory pretty hard. I believe the lack of resolution prevents Cory from obtaining any peace, if any can be had, over the loss of her daughter.

This case can be resolved and for the sake of Leah’s family it is time to bring that to pass. To that end I am interviewing Cory and writing an article that will be published this month across the nation and we will establish an online tip line shortly.